So, what is UNRAVL?

So, what is UNRAVL?


To kick off the blog, it seems fitting that the first post explains a bit more about this site and what we are hoping to achieve. By way of introduction, my name is Emily and I am the founder of UNRAVL. A few years ago, I was trying out a plant-based diet and was looking to buy a plant-based protein powder as opposed the whey one I had always used. I realised that finding a new supplement is not always simple, and can be very time consuming. There were so many options to choose from, pea protein, hemp protein, soya protein, the list went on. The nutrition was also very different to my usual whey. For example, some offered much less protein per 100g and were much higher in carbs. On top of this, companies offered the nutritional information in different serving sizes, so it was time consuming to work out which one was actually best for me. Being a busy student at the time I didn’t feel like spending the time working this out. It was at this point that I came up with the idea of a website which would allow you to re-format the nutritional information according to your preferred serving size. This would reveal other factors such as which one was best value per 100g, as often a product would seem like good value, but in fact the serving sizes were just smaller.

Over the next few years I created UNRAVL to simplify the buying of health and fitness foods. It doesn’t have to be purely about price or macros, but also a way to unveil products which have great nutritional and ethical values, yet could be from a smaller company which would benefit greatly from the support. In using a side by side comparison, it doesn’t matter whether a product looks great because the company has a huge marketing budget because in a side by side comparison you see the facts, not just the pretty packaging. For this reason, I would love to think that this website will also be used to find products from smaller companies which are just as great as the most popular go to choices.

This is just as start-up, and we really are at the start. So please do feel free to get in touch if you have any feedback, suggestions, a product you’d like to see on here or just to say hi, we’d absolutely love to hear from you!

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