Nupro Black Currant – 200g Protein Powder (5 x 40g sachets)

Nupro Black Currant – 200g Protein Powder (5 x 40g sachets)

£ 8.99
Protein powder
protein supplement
High Protein
100% natural
All natural
Eco friendly packaging
Plastic free
High fibre

This Nupro Black Currant Protein Powder is made with natural ingredients to give you a high quality protein hit.

Most protein powders are made from whey protein, but Nupro’s plant-based shakes are suitable for vegans; containing plant based proteins, including pea protein, sunflower seed protein and flaxseed meal.

This Protein Powder contains natural sweeteners in the form of exotic spices and organic fruits, there’s no artificial additives here!

If you are looking for a plant-based alternative to your usual protein powder, give Nupro Blackcurrant a go!

Pea Protein, Sunflower Protein, Black Currant Powder (19%), Dried Coconut Blossom Nectar, Flaxseed Meal Psyllium Husks, Guar Meal, Rice Fibre, Acerola.

Price per 100g £4.50
Calories 346kcal
Carbohydrate Sugars Poyols Starch 28.6g 10.4g 0g 0g
Total Fat Saturates Monounsaturates Polyunsaturates 2.9g 0.3g 0g 0g
Salt Sodium 0g 0g
Fibre 13.2g
Protein 50.8g

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