Muscle Food Soy Protein Isolate 90 (unflavoured)

Muscle Food Soy Protein Isolate 90 (unflavoured)

£ 12.99
Protein powder
protein supplement
High Protein
Low fat
Low carb
GMO free
Low carbohydrate
Low fat
Made in UK

Looking for an exceptional protein source NOT derived from Whey but that still packs a muscle building punch? Good news, you just found it!

This superb soy protein is derived from 100% GMO FREE defatted soy beans using an innovative process to remove almost ALL of the fat and carbs.

The result?

A premium, pure and complete soy protein isolate – the purest and most potent form of soy protein on the market!

Per 30g serving your bod will receive:

26g protein
0.9g fat
0.3g carbs
115 calories
But that’s not all… You’re also guaranteed a hefty amount BCAAs including 2.1g of Leucine, 1.3g of Isoleucine and 1.3g Valine along with 5g of Glutamic Acid and 2g Arginine.

In fact, soy beans are the ONLY vegetable to contain all 8 essential amino acids… how’s that for supporting your lean muscle gains?!

Easy-to-mix in your favourite shaker, this incredible protein is ideal for vegetarians, vegans and those of you with lactose intolerance.

For best results, simply shake it up in some water and consume pre or post workout, but you can also take this premium protein when you wake or before bed for a steady release of your fave macro.

Unflavoured Soy Protein Isolate (100%), Please note: Produced and packed in a British factory which also handles nuts

Price per 100g £1.30
Calories 96kcal
Carbohydrate Sugars Poyols Starch 0.3g 0g 0g 0g
Total Fat Saturates Monounsaturates Polyunsaturates 0.8g 0.8g 0g 0g
Salt Sodium 0g 0g
Fibre 0g
Protein 22g

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